We are an online platform dedicated to the pursuit of art in its many forms.

At ArtyFynch, we are attempting to shine light on underappreciated and underrated art forms from all over the world. Each week, we will be bringing you samples of art from various regions, movements, eras, philosophies and schools across the planet.

There is no country or people on the planet whose people have not expressed themselves through art, in one form or the other. Art is the one form of unification of the human as a race; it is expressed by everyone and everywhere. We are already familiar with Italy’s incredible sculpture, France’s gothic cathedrals, and Spain’s timeless performance art pieces. The beauty of art, however, is that it isn’t merely contained in these limited forms, but is found all around the world, in incredible variation.

Our goal at ArtyFynch is to take you on a journey across the world to explore and rediscover the many ways in which cultures express themselves.

We will bring you dances and dancers, paintings and painters, sculptures and sculptors, architecture and its architects, , music, instrument, composer and musician, craft and craftsmen. To be collective and broad; art and artisan. The movements of art shall be discussed and philosophies which brought forth artwork shall be presented. Time periods will be perused and expressions that are rare or less known, rather niche, shall be brought forth.

Our definition of art is much encompassing and is not merely constrained to paint and canvas. We shall discuss many a form of art however we, admittedly, have limited ourselves to visual art, excluding literature and digital art. The reason for literature being that is in itself so vast and aged a subject that we would not be able to do it justice. Moreover, it does not fit the visual aspect of the art we intend to report on.

With that said, welcome to ArtyFynch.

A didactic bird dedicated to the discovery of art around the world.

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