The word art may just be a three-letter word, short and concise. However, it encompasses everything around us to whatever we consider an expression of creativity and beauty. It’s not just the paintings, as art is primarily known for but it includes sculptures, architecture, culture, crafts, music and dance.

Art is so much more than just frames in our homes and in buildings rather it is a souvenir of various time periods that hold immense history and culture which is carried on to generations to come. What is unfortunate to observe is that very few of these art pieces come to light in the public eye. We have only known a handful of artists whose work has been preserved however there lies more to be seen, observed and known about. There is so much to discover and learn in the world of art that time would fall short.

Every region on this earth has a history and rich culture from which the people have gained knowledge and shaped the traditions and norms we have in our society today. From the architecture to the crafts to even the music and dances, art is embedded everywhere. This is why the need to study and become aware of these priceless artefacts and pieces is not only important but necessary.

The purpose of bringing awareness to such aspects in the field of arts is to help us gain more knowledge as well as initiate dialogue amongst ourselves on techniques, movements and the process of progression in the world of arts as we know of today. What pieces and traditions were inspired by whom and how they came into being while how the modern world took its spin on old classics is something we need to not only know about but also be able to carry forward to the coming generations so that these valuable pieces of information become timeless.

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