I hope this digi-letter finds you well! Welcome to Artyfynch.Now that you know how we’ll function, let’s go over our coverage for art.

As you probably know, art is, unfortunately, pervasive. So we’ve narrowed it down a little bit and grouped it into regions. If we’re talking art, how can we not talk Europe and the Far East? We will also go over North Africa, and the Middle East, known for their rich language, art and heritage. A region relatively lesser documented, with an overwhelming colonial past and a massive mix of cultures, many of which appear similar to the outsider: Central and South Asia.

Cubism, the Renaissance, Surrealism, Baroque, and Romanticism are probably movements you have heard of before. As it so happens, all of these have originated from the West. Do you know Chinese paper and their calligraphy? Have you heard of Geisha Art? Do you know the colours you find in the tombs of Saqqara? Are you aware of the wonders of Muslim architecture in Persia and North Africa? Do miniature paintings which originate in Persia fascinate you? Are you interested to learn fun tid bits about Hindu and Budhist architecture from Asia? Do you know of the traditional brass works from Sri Lanka and their cultural importance? Do you know of Europe’s only tribe, the Sami, and their artworks?

Well then, ArtyFynch is the perfect place for you to be!

That is it for now, I do not want to ruin the suspense for you. As the proverb goes, a man should live to satisfy his curiosity! So stay tuned with us. We will begin venturing into art with you and for you, beginning coming Monday.

Yours Sincerely,


A didactic bird dedicated to the discovery of art around the world.

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