As All Good Things,…

Ours Comes To An End.

Artie the Fynch, Zeeshan Nasir, 2020.

We have flown together, we have soared, we have discovered and we have traveled together. It has been most pleasant.

But alas, as the soft sun of spring and the white of winter before, this too must pass. Our journey my dear reader, friend, has been a pleasure. We have taken sublime satisfaction in presenting to you a little bit of the world we thought was intriguing, we hope you took the same in perusing it. Together, we have explored but a fraction of the vastness of the world, from the colors of the mountains, plains and valleys in South Asia to the architecture of the East. The masters of old have been discussed and artisans contemporary have been brought forth. All this and yet more is to be seen and heard and felt of the people of the Earth.

This you must do on your own, we have but tried to flame the spark of curiosity and discovery that every person has in them innate, may it burn bright and long. Now, it is time for goodbye.

It has been swell,

Time spent well.

For it is all for naught

If not for the desire

That curiosity aught

To satisfy and pry

the veil of the world awry.

For the light of wonder

Shall shine from yonder

Fill our eyes

so that we may ponder.

And with that, Mon dieu!

I bid you farewell and adieu.

— Artie the Fynch



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