A didactic bird dedicated to the discovery of art around the world.

Ours Comes To An End.

Artie the Fynch, Zeeshan Nasir, 2020.

We have flown together, we have soared, we have discovered and we have traveled together. It has been most pleasant.

But alas, as the soft sun of spring and the white of winter before, this too must pass. Our journey my dear reader, friend, has been a pleasure. We have…

The Violin

We have talked about various dances, the genres and instruments in music of various countries, their origins and how they are being used to create melodies in the modern time. Today the Fynch takes its readers to the world of ancient Greece. Today, we talk about Orchestra: the large instrumental…

One of the oldest cities in the world, beautiful indeed, and formerly a great centre of transit-caravan trade with Afghanistan and Central Asia, unfortunately, Peshawar’s history has been written in blood more often than not.

A Brief History

First references to the city occur in the writings of the classical…

Chirp chirp. Yesterday, the Fynch sang to the tunes of revolutionary music from the Arab Springs. and guess what? People loved it!

With mass protests currently underway, it would be unfair to not do a similar one on South Asia.
The Fynch

South Asia is known for its political upheaval…

Tunisia is making headlines again over violent clashes. Around 600 have been arrested, and the army has been deployed as unrest continues to spread across the country. Protests erupted after the government imposed a lockdown to contain COVID-19 amid economic hardship. Many Tunisians are frustrated by the lack of political…


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